Jack A. Naglieri, Ph.D., is Research Professor at the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, Senior Research Scientist at the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, and Emeritus Professor of Psychology at George Mason University. He is a Fellow of APA Divisions 15 and 16 and the recipient of the 2011 Italian American Psychology Assembly Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology, recipient of APA Division 16 Senior Scientist Award (2001), Ohio State University Faculty Research Award (2000), Ohio School Psychologists Association Bartlett Award (1995), and the Arizona Association of School Psychologists President's Award (1981). He holds a Diplomate in Assessment Psychology–American Board of Assessment Psychology, earned a license as a School Psychologist in Virginia and Ohio, and has School Psychology certifications in New York, Georgia, Arizona, and Ohio. Since the late 1970s, Dr. Naglieri has focused his efforts on theoretical and psychometric issues concerning intelligence, cognitive interventions, diagnosis of learning and emotional disorders, cognitive interventions, and theoretical and measurement issues pertaining to protective factors related to resilience. 

Dr. Naglieri is the author or co-author of more than 300 scholarly papers, books, and tests. His scholarly research includes investigations related to topics such as intellectual disabilities, specific learning disabilities, giftedness, and Attention Deficit Disorder; psychometric studies of tests such as the Wechsler Scales of Intelligence, Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, Cognitive Assessment System, and the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children; examination of race, gender, and ethnic differences in cognitive processing; fair assessment using nonverbal and cognitive processing tests; identification of gifted minorities, IDEA and identification of specific learning disabilities; and cognitively based academic interventions. He has authored various books, including Essentials of CAS Assessment (Naglieri, 1999), and co-authored other books including Assessment of Cognitive Processes: The PASS Theory of Intelligence (Das, Naglieri, & Kirby, 1994), Helping Children Learn: Intervention Handouts for Use at School and Home (Naglieri & Pickering, 2003), Essentials of WNV Assessment (Brunnert, Naglieri, & Hardy-Braz, 2009), and Helping All Gifted Children Learn: A Teacher’s Guide to Using the NNAT2 (Naglieri, Brulles, & Lansdowne, 2009). Dr. Naglieri has also co-edited books such as Handbook of Assessment Psychology (Graham & Naglieri, 2002), Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (Goldstein, Naglieri & Ozonoff, 2009), Assessing Impairment: From Theory to Practice (Goldstein & Naglieri, 2009), Executive Function Handbook (Goldstein & Naglieri, 2013) and A Practitioner’s Guide to Assessment of Intelligence and Achievement (Naglieri & Goldstein, 2009). Dr. Naglieri developed many tests and rating scales, some examples include, the Devereux Scales of Mental Disorders (Naglieri, LeBuffe, & Pfeiffer, 1994), the Devereux Early Childhood Assessments first and second edition (LeBuffe & Naglieri, 2003, 2012), the General Ability Scale for Adults (Naglieri & Bardos, 1997), Cognitive Assessment System (Naglieri & Das, 1997), and Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test–Second Edition (Naglieri, 2008), the Wechsler Nonverbal Scale of Ability (Wechsler & Naglieri, 2008), Devereux Elementary Student Strength Assessment (DESSA; LeBuffe, Shapiro & Naglieri, 2009), DESSA-Mini (Naglieri, LeBuffe & Shapiro, 2010), Autism Spectrum Rating Scales (Goldstein & Naglieri, 2010), Comprehensive Inventory of Executive Function (Naglieri & Goldstein, 2012), Devereux Early Childhood Assessment -Second Edition (LeBuffe & Naglieri, 2012) and the Cognitive Assessment System-Second Edition (Naglieri, Das & Goldstein, 2014).

Workshops & Presentations

Dr. Jack A. Naglieri is available for presentations on a range of topics including Understanding and Measuring Executive Function with the CEFI; Identification of Specific Learning Disabilities using a Pattern of Cognitive Strengths and Weakness from the CAS2 and much more. For more information please complete the contact form below.

Great Falls, Virginia 22066, United States